Scotland is a wonderful place to live, either to reside permanently or just for a short stay. Made up of many regions, a unique history and natural beauty is found throughout the country, offering a variety of landscapes from the gentle lowlands in the south to the stunning mountain peaks of the Cairngorms in the north.

Scotland enjoys an enviable history of educational excellence and the country remains the benchmark of educational standards for many advanced nations around the globe. Education is one of the country’s prized assets with its long standing culture of innovation. Scotland has been the home to many industrial pioneers such as Alexander Graham Bell, inventor of the telephone, and John Logie Baird, who invented television. Today the country remains at the forefront of a number of industries including nanotechnology, the development of cancer combatting drugs and power generation.

In recognition of Scotland’s role as a major contributor to the arts, it is appropriate to close by mentioning the country’s world famous poet Robert Burns who wrote ‘Auld Lang Syne’ in 1788, which is still sung throughout the world at the close of an evening of friendship and joviality.

With Jacqui in Glasgow, Moira in Aberdeen, and Shelagh’s knowledge of both Edinburgh and Dundee, you can be confident your interests will be well looked after, wherever you are relocating to.

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