Our Relocation Services

Locators is made up of a dedicated team whose objective is to understand the complexity of each relocation and to provide a personalised and individual perspective to in every case.

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Our Relocated Clients

It is the goal of everyone at Locators to ensure that each and every client is entirely comfortable with their relocation solutions. This extends from the contracting organisation to the individuals and families being relocated.

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Integration In Your New Home

Locators believe it is not only about arriving in a new country but living there and experiencing its culture and traditions. We will advise on areas of interest and how to make the most of the opportunities offered by the new location.

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Home - Let Us Work With You

We at Locators provide a personalised, quality relocation service to Corporations, their employees and individuals.

Saving valuable human and financial resources, we have supported many large and small companies, world-wide, in the complex task of employee relocation.

It takes a lot of time and energy to find the right accommodation in the right location and access the best local services. Relocating on your own is an onerous and time consuming task, resulting in unexpectedly high costs for the company, as well as causing unnecessary stress and inconvenience for the expatriate and their family. The productivity and efficiency of your employee can be compromised during this transitory period. Can you really afford to do it all by yourselves?


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"My move from Washington DC to Scotland could not have been successful without the assistance of the team at Locators"